MooreCo recognizes that as a company with global connections, we have a responsibility as a good citizen of the world community to use our resources wisely providing for continued growth. Only through sustainable growth and improvement can we provide excellence in customer service, employee safety and welfare, citizenship in the communities where we work and live, and protect our environment.

We pledge to exceed our customers' expectations through continuous improvement in our attention to accuracy, quality, and prompt delivery, while holding the line on our costs in all areas of the enterprise. We continue to introduce new technology, and to improve methods and training for accurate and swift order entry. Through improved data collection and analysis we are proactively defining potential problems and creating solutions, through better design and continuously improving standards of production and quality, taking customer service to even higher levels.

MooreCo views each employee from entry level to top executive, as our most valued resource. Through new and continuing programs increasing safety awareness, and strict adherence to corporate and government rules and regulations, we ensure the health and safety of our employees. Through heightened awareness of health and safety in the workplace, we also strive to improve the health and safety consciousness of our employees when away from the work place.

Employees of MooreCo are provided equal opportunity and treatment in matters of hiring, continued employment, advancement in skills and position, and in compensation without regard to issues of race, color, gender, ethnicity, or religious beliefs. MooreCo promotes these same ethical beliefs and values to businesses and governments in communities where we conduct business. MooreCo compensates our employees—in each community where we conduct business—at a level that enables them to meet their basic needs, and improve their economic circumstances. We provide opportunities for improving their skills and creating new opportunities for social and economic advancement.

MooreCo encourages individual employees to present their concerns to management in an orderly and civil manner, while respecting their right to free association. MooreCo also does not require employee membership in any organization in order to have their concerns heard by management.

MooreCo recognizes the value of high ethical standards in all interactions with our employees, customers, suppliers, and in the communities where we live and work. In all the areas where our business touches the lives and livelihood of others, we pledge to honor and respect the dignity and inherent human rights of the individual in a world made better by diversity, and protection of indigenous environments.

Our business association with suppliers is based on the same ethics of respect for their right to fair compensation for products and services, and protection of intellectual property. MooreCo competes in the global marketplace based on these same principles.

Sustainability is more than a buzz word, but rather the definition of a complex set of principles and practices that provide long term growth, continuous improvement, economic stability, excellence in environmental stewardship, and commitment to the socially responsible practices outlined above. Sustainability includes business practices that allow MooreCo to grow, developing new revenue streams, and increasing profitability on existing products, through waste reduction.

Sustainability initiatives at MooreCo include specifying recycled content in our purchased component parts, using materials which are recyclable, using renewable sources of energy, wise use of water resources and incorporating newly developing environmentally sustainable practices into our operations.

Part of the sustainable process at MooreCo is designing and producing products that are environmentally friendly, and seeking certification through such organizations as UL GREENGUARD. These certifications are valued because they promote the verifiable continuous improvement in our processes, procedures, and products, while assisting MooreCo in its commitment to protecting the environment, providing safe products, and continued excellence in global citizenship.

Greg Moore
Chief Executive Officer
MooreCo, Inc.