What Is Classroom X?

Classroom X is a revolutionary concept in custom educational furnishings, conceived with the goal of creating a classroom that is flexible, cohesive, and supports personalized learning for students, all without long lead times.

We know the school environment plays a huge role in a student’s emotional health and academic success, and that kids who feel at home in the classroom are more focused and open to learning. We wanted to make a modern classroom accessible to all schools, with fun and functional furniture that not only looks great, but engages students in a creative and welcoming space.

According to Edmentum, there are four key elements to modern classroom design and student success. Classroom X makes it easy for educators to get these elements into their spaces.

Flexible layout:
The Classroom X basic package includes 20 Shapes Desks (standard size), 20 Hierarchy 4-leg student chairs (18" seat height), one Mobile Teacher Workstation, one Hierarchy 5-Star stool, and one small Visionary Move mobile magnetic glass whiteboard. This selection of furnishings enables multiple configurations with on-the-fly set up to adapt to changing classroom needs, from individual learning, roundtable learning, group pods, pair pods, and virtually any other arrangement.

Now also available in a 25 student package that includes 25 Shapes Desks and 25 Hierarchy 4-leg student chairs!

Furniture for utility:
Adjustable furniture accommodates a wide variety of ages. Tables height adjust from 22" to 32" and can be quickly arranged for group or individual learning exercises. The Mobile Teacher Workstation quickly moves wherever needed, as does the 5-star stool. Upgrade with the MediaSpace package, and you'll also get five height adjustable Hierarchy Grow Stools, with wobble and swivel action.

Technology integration:
Supporting the need to include technology in today’s classroom, Classroom X offers the MediaSpace package, which consists of one small MediaSpace table with five height adjustable Hierarchy Grow Stools. The MediaSpace table provides a technology hub to the classroom, supporting power accessories for monitors, tablets, laptops, and other mobile computing devices.

Light-filled environment:
Choose from nine laminate options and use the natural light in your classroom in the best way possible. From low key lighter finishes, to darker and richer finishes, we let you create a room of contrast and color.

What's Included with Classroom X?

Shapes Student Desk: Get numerous group configurations in a height adjustable package with the versatile and flexible Shapes Desk. Light enough for students to carry and participate in creating and configuring their set-ups, adding a sense of ownership to the space. Unique shape accommodates both right- and left-handed students with ease and comfort.

We chose to include the Shapes Desk because it is our most versatile table as far as creating a variety of pods, rows, pair set ups, and even stadium curved seating. With each side featuring a complementary radius, the tables fit together easily and intuitively, allowing you to create exactly the seating structure that works for your class.



Hierarchy 4-Leg Student Chair: Designed with student ergonomics in mind, the Hierarchy 4-Leg chair features a colorful and flexible shell. With an 18" seat height, the chair has a smooth reinforced back for flex action without any sharp ridges. Heavy-gauge chrome coated steel base includes nylon swivel glides.

Mobile Teacher Workstation: The teacher is the focal point in the classroom and needs to move and be seen at all times. Our Mobile teacher workstation was designed with a 40"H work surface to promote eye contact and engage in easy communication. The locking casters provide mobility yet lock into position for stability. The work surface is space efficient and includes a locking storage cabinet. Instructors finally have a desk and lecture center integrated into one unit.

Hierarchy 5-Star Stool: Colorful stool features a flexible and comfortable seat for any instructor. Seat adjusts pneumatically in height from 23" to 33" to accommodate a variety of users and a variety of positions. 5-star base includes dual wheel casters for easy mobility. Shell features a smooth, reinforced back with flex action and no sharp edges.

Visionary Move Mobile Glass Markerboard: The bright surface color promotes association and memory with notes, assignments, reminders, and more. Compact size is light enough for students to move easily around the classroom for small group instruction. Locking casters keep it stable when in use. Surface can be set at two different heights for ease of use.

Classroom X Upgrades

Media Space Upgrade: Includes a MediaSpace Small table and five Hierarchy Grow Stools. Table supports a wide variety of collaborative technology integration, while the height adjustable Grow Stools wobble and swivel, providing alternate seating options for students who need to drain excess energy.

Classroom X Options

Color Options: Choose any of our eight Hierarchy color options to complete your Classroom X. Match your school colors, grade level color coding, or create the right mood for your classroom with your color choice.


Laminate Options: Match your color choice with any of our QuickShip laminate options. From markerboard tops, to modern gray woodgrains, to traditional educational color choices, we have a top that will fit your classroom vision.



Classroom X: Best Room Planning Practices

To help ensure you get the most and best use out of your Classroom X package, we have provided you with multiple floor plan options. Each set up focuses upon a different educational objective, and is designed to be easy to create for instructors and students. Floor plans shown are based on a 900 square foot classroom.


Individual Seating Arrangement: The individual set up emphasizes personal learning and is ideal for singular activities that require concentration, such as testing. This traditional set up also encourages the most focus on the instructor.


Connected Rows Seating Arrangement: A cross between the traditional individual seating arrangement and pod seating, connected rows divide focus equally between attention on the instructor and attention on one another.


Stadium Seating Arrangement: Take advantage of the height adjustable desks by creating tiered seating for optimum viewing. Setting taller desks in the back provides equal views of the instructor and materials and enhances classroom communication.


Pair Seating Arrangement: One-on-one groups promote peer support for confidence, as well as bolstering and necessitating engagement. Pairs are great for partnerships between advanced students and those who need a little more encouragement.


4-Pod Seating Arrangement: This arrangement provides a setting where students are encouraged and expected to work with one another. Pod set ups are ideal for small group learning projects and interactions.


5-Pod Seating Arrangement: This arrangement provides a setting where students are encouraged and expected to work with one another. Pod set ups are ideal for small group learning projects and interactions.


Team Seating Arrangement: Ideal for large group collaborations or team-versus-team games or matches. This set up encourages teamwork and healthy competitive values, and boosts individual confidence through peer support.


Roundtable Seating Arrangement: The entire class of students faces one another and interacts easily and equitably in a roundtable arrangement. This set up creates a sense of inclusivity, equality, and whole-class dialogue with each other and the instructor.

Get More Information:

Ready to get started with your Classroom X project? Contact your MooreCo sales representative for more information and to get the ball rolling on your new classroom today. If you would like a printed version of the information on this page, please download our new Classroom X brochure below.

Part Numbers / Package Details:



(Standard Classroom X for 20)
MSRP: $13,056


(Classroom X Media for 20)
MSRP: $14,803


(Standard Classroom X for 25)
MSRP: $15,680


(Classroom X Media for 25)
MSRP: $17,427

Hierarchy Shapes Desks (matching laminate and edgeband) 20 20 25 25
Hierarchy 18" 4-Leg Chairs (matching color) 20 20 25 25
Mobile Teacher Workstation (matching laminate and edgeband) 1 1 1 1
Hierarchy 5-Star Stool (matching color) 1 1 1 1
Visionary Move (small / matching glass color) 1 1 1 1
MediaSpace Table – Small (matching laminate and edgeband) 0 1 0 1
Hierarchy Grow Stool – Tall (matching color) 0 5 0 5